My name is Gerry Poirier, and I’m the founder and CEO of AngeLink, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting women and communities in need. I am deeply passionate about creating a world where everyone, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities to thrive. With International Women’s Day approaching on March 8th, I want to reflect on and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women.

Every year, we get to bear witness to female trailblazers, glass-ceiling shatterers, and those brave enough to take a chance. From the suffragettes who fought tirelessly for women’s right to vote, to the fearless activists fighting for gender equality, to the scientists and researchers making ground-breaking discoveries, women have been at the forefront of monumental change.

In the realm of economics, women have made significant strides as entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators. Across industries, women are disrupting norms, challenging conventions, and driving economic growth. In fact, Harvard University professor Claudia Goldin was honored with the Nobel Prize in Economics last October for her groundbreaking research on women’s income and employment. She is only the third woman ever to win this award!

In politics, women have also fought tirelessly (and continue to fight) for representation and inclusion, demanding a seat at the table to enact meaningful change. We have seen women rise to the highest seats in the United States, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes. Today, 25 women serve in the U.S. Senate and 126 in the House of Representatives, as reported by the Center For American Women and Politics. Their leadership and advocacy continue paving the way for more inclusive and equitable societies.

Women’s cultural contributions are immeasurable, shaping the world of art, literature, music, and more. From Maya Angelou’s poetry to Frida Kahlo’s paintings, to Taylor Swift’s impressive music rolodex, women have left a lasting mark on the cultural landscape, inspiring generations.

Political deputy making speech at conference

While we celebrate these achievements, we must also acknowledge the ongoing challenges and obstacles that women continue to face. Gender-based discrimination, unequal pay, and lack of access to education and healthcare are still issues that demand action.

At AngeLink, we’re committed to supporting and empowering women around the world with our innovative peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform. Women come to AngeLink as over 70% of our users not only to raise money to support the people they love but also to help their neighbors or to start a small business. We also sponsor initiatives such as mentorship programs and funding opportunities through our charitable organization the AngeLink Community Foundation. Doing our part to level the playing field for everyone to thrive is at the heart of why we exist.  

So today, we stand together and raise our glass to honor women’s resilience in the face of adversity and their determination to push boundaries. Let’s celebrate the brave and the bold – women who’ve paved the way for all women to not only have a seat at the table but to lead the conversation! Happy International Women’s Day!

Gerry Poirier

Founder & CEO, AngeLink