In 2023, AngeLink launched its first “National Community Give Back” initiative. It was a successful day filled with joy as we celebrated National Be An Angel Day across multiple locations in the U.S.

One of the most fulfilling moments for me was being present at the Heavenly Biscuit on Wheels in Fort Myers, FL, providing hurricane victims and recovery workers with a warm breakfast. It was a small gesture compared to their year of hardships, but it was our way of saying that we see them and we will rally together as a community. 

In San Diego, CA, our Director of Customer Operations, Francisco Manalo, represented our team at White Rice. Surrounded by a diverse community, they celebrated unity by sharing meals with those who work thanklessly to make a difference every day. Francisco said it was a humbling experience to witness the power of food in bringing people together to make meaningful connections.

Our journey didn’t stop there. We traveled to Denver, CO, and Brooklyn, NY, to connect with the community. In each location, we encountered stories of hope. Whether it was a warm meal shared with a stranger or a simple conversation that brightened someone’s day, every interaction reaffirmed the importance of building a more connected world.

Since our inception, National Be An Angel Day has resonated deeply with us at AngeLink. It’s a reminder to us that regardless of our backgrounds or circumstances, we all have the capacity to be angels in each other’s lives. 

Our “National Community Give Back” initiative is about extending beyond our digital platform to be one-on-one with those in our community. As a crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting meaningful causes and projects, we understand the impact of showing up for the people who need support.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who contributed to making this day a success – from our dedicated team members to our partners and volunteers. We look forward to serving countless more angels in 2024 to change lives.   

Join us!

Gerry Poirier

Founder & CEO, AngeLink