Lovely little girl enjoy and excite to examine the color chemical in laboratory by using dropper with day light

February 11 marks International Day of Women & Girls in Science. As a career woman in FinTech, it is a privilege to reflect on the strides we have made in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) over the past few years.

My journey in FinTech has been both challenging and rewarding. In a predominantly male-dominated industry, breaking through the glass ceiling has required determination, resilience, and a passion for driving change. Times are changing and now, I am thrilled to witness more women and girls venturing into the world of STEM.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2023, women make up 29.2% of all STEM workers, up from 27% since 2015. While we still have a way to go, women’s representation across these fields continues to increase. 

One of the driving factors behind this positive shift is the increasing awareness of the importance of gender equality in the workplace. Organizations, educational institutions, and initiatives worldwide are actively promoting and supporting the inclusion of women in STEM.

Education plays a pivotal role in this transformation. Initiatives aimed at encouraging young girls to explore STEM subjects from an early age are proving to be instrumental. By challenging stereotypes and showcasing the accomplishments of women in science, we can inspire the next generation of female scientists, engineers, and technologists.

At AngeLink, we have had the privilege of hosting STEM fundraisers led by women to  fund their education, STEM-related initiatives, and programs that empower young women and girls studying to be scientists, developers and engineers. 

As we celebrate the International Day of Women & Girls in Science, we know the journey toward gender equality in STEM is ongoing. But, it’s also a cause for celebration. Each year this holiday signifies a shift to a more inclusive and dynamic future for all. 

At AngeLink, we are committed to being a catalyst for change and supporting projects (and the voices) that break down barriers and allow women to thrive. 

Let’s all continue to champion women and girls in STEM and to drive equality in the classroom, science lab and development studio to truly inspire future generations of women and girls.

Gerry Poirier