Join the movement to give women the technology to help and support each other

Powered by Women

Women represent the majority of all users in social crowdfunding, however no platform exists for us. So we decided to build a community inspired and powered by women.
And, it's about time.

AngeLink free fundraising platform on IOS and Android coming soon

AngeLink is building the world’s most lovable, free fundraising platform inspired and powered by women. We’re mobilizing a new generation with breakthrough technology to support the people we love and the causes we believe in.

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Raise money on AngeLink and get rewarded with awesome virtual presents, achievements and badges. Share your badges on social media to boost your campaign’s visibility!

Crowdfunding is Broken:

Women represent 80% of all users in social crowdfunding, however we’re totally unrepresented on existing platforms. And, 60% of all fundraising campaigns fall short of meeting their goal.

We’re solving these problems with 8 ingenious, patent-pending algorithms to put the power of crowdfunding into the hands of women.

Meet Angel. Our customizable angel amoji and beautiful marketing tools amplify your campaign's viral sharing and create habit forming engagement to make your campaign shine.

Why AngeLink? Top 10 AngeLink features

  • Brilliantly simple and easy to use
  • Awesome community with fun, habit forming engagement  
  • Sweet, customizable Angel amojis boost visibility across social media networks
  • Adorable marketing and promotional tools to make your campaigns shine 
  • Unique Split Gift technology helps boost underfunded campaigns 
  • Free platform. 0% platform free, (standard processing fee: 2.9% + 0.30 for credit/debit card)
  • Loved by Angels. Voluntary donor tips enable us to share the love across a wider global community
  • Safe, secure, trusted with 100% donor guarantee 
  • Proprietary algorithms to ensure donor protection 
  • The Angel Team is happy to answer any questions 24/7