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AngeLink is building a free fundraising platform inspired and powered by women. We need your help to fund the development of our BETA technology and to support our full scale launch to share the love across a larger global community. 

Fund us and be part of something special. 

AngeLink is putting the power of social crowdfunding into the hands of women. Our breakthrough, patent pending technology enables women to build our own community to support the people we love and the causes we believe in. When you support AngeLink, you're joining a global network of individuals with a shared vision who are making a difference.

Your donation helps us take the brilliance of crowdfunding one step further by unleashing the power of a new generation. Our ingenious platform is breaking the mold on social fundraising and transforming the way women help and support each other. Sponsor us to help complete our beta and platform launch coming soon. 

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Sarah Stetson

Potomac, MD

AngeLink is a great free platform to raise funds for people and causes that are important to you. It's wonderful thing to have a network of women who can come together and support people who really need a helping hand. Through its unique gamification features and adorable angel character, AngeLink also makes giving FUN!

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Christine Amorosi

McLean, VA

There is always room for a new way to fundraise and AngeLink has nailed it.  They offer a free platform that focuses on the ability of women to get things done!!  You can organize a team of friends to help you fundraise and you can keep track of how much each member has contributed. AngeLink also offers cool virtual badges and rewards as your campaigns reach their goals.

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Galen Haas

Newport, RI

AngeLink makes it so easy to support people you care about. Their mobile app is simple to access and navigate, and it's also very appealing. I love the cute Angelink blue angel, and send it along to all my donor friends and family so they know there are Angels Among Us!

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Kathy O'Brien

Greenwich, CT

I enjoy being part of a team that supports AngeLink's efforts to make a difference in this world. The AngeLink platform is not only a free way to fundraise, but it's a way to bring women and people together to lead by example inspiring kindness and compassion across communities.

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Rick Buckingham

Bethesda, MD

The team at AngeLink has done a terrific job raising awareness for the need to mobilize a new generation of givers who want to have a positive impact on society. Their fundraising platform goes beyond normal charitable efforts and makes giving engaging and interactive.

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Gay Truscott

Washington, DC

I am a supporter of AngeLink because I believe in what they are doing. Bringing women together as a network to support charitable causes they love is a powerful thing. AngeLink is a great alternative to other fundraising platforms. Their website and mobile app are colorful, creative, and super easy to use.



We believe that we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place and when women act together we can achieve anything. One thing we know for sure. Love always wins. We all rise by lifting others.