Calling all angels

Humanity's greatest desire is to belong. AngeLink is connecting millions of people around the world with a platform for global good. Be part of something bigger. Help us amplify the good in the world.   

Great things are happening here. Join us. 

 There's no greater force in the universe than the power of a community with a shared vision. 

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Bring on the love 

AngeLink is building the world's most lovable, free fundraising platform. We're mobilizing millions with breakthrough technology to build our own community with the potential for massive scale.    


Brilliantly simple

We believe the world's greatest challenges are actually solvable with an easy-to-use crowdfunding platform that inspires a global community of people to help and support each other. 

Together we can transform lives and restore faith in humanity.  


Hello world

We're the first social crowdfunding platform inspired and powered by women. Together, we're living proof of positive outcomes.  


Free. Fun. Fabulous.

AngeLink's sweet, personalized angel emojis and beautiful marketing tools create viral sharing and  habit forming engagement unlike any other platform.  


Powered by women

We're on a mission to build a platform for global good and mobilize a new generation of women to affect real and positive change. Together we can do something never before possible and change the course of human history.    


Be part of something special

Become an AngeLink Brand Ambassador and join one of the fastest growing communities on campus. We're empowering women and promoting gender equality, inclusion and leadership.


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