Support Turkey's Earthquake Victims

Support Turkey's Earthquake Victims

Nonprofit 2/7/2023 Naples, FL
Onur Haytac is raising money on behalf of Angelink Community Foundation
Raised: $222,828 of $100,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Dear Friends, Partners and Colleagues, As you may have heard, a devastating earthquake recently hit Turkey, leaving many families without homes, food, or basic necessities. As someone who lost my dear high school friends and beloved teachers in the 1999 earthquake in Turkey, the news of the latest disaster hits especially close to home. The aftermath of the 1999 earthquake was difficult and heartbreaking, and the country is still dealing with the repercussions even now, more than two decades later. The tragedy of losing loved ones is compounded by the enormous challenges faced by the survivors - how to find shelter, food, medical care, and emotional support in the wake of such devastation. In times like these, it's important for us to come together and help each other. That's why I'm reaching out to you today. I'm partnering with AngeLink Foundation and 2L Foundation to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the earthquake victims in Turkey. All donations will go to ...

Angelink Community Foundation
Onur Haytac


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