Quincy's Bucket List - Beating Osteosarcoma

Quincy's Bucket List - Beating Osteosarcoma

Medical 2/14/2023 Parker, CO
Kristina Matthews is raising money on behalf of Quincy Rohrbach.
Raised: $61,641 of $20,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
In June 2022, Quincy Rohrbach, a 19 year-old recent high school graduate, received news that no one ever hopes to get. After landing on her shoulder during a seemingly minor fall off of her horse, Quincy’s shoulder continued to bother her and cause her pain. Quincy went in to see her orthopedic doctor and he requested X-rays of her shoulder. Those X-rays revealed that she had a bone tumor in the humerus bone of her right upper arm. After undergoing a biopsy of that bone and a PET scan, Quincy was diagnosed with stage 4 osteosarcoma that had metastasized to her lungs. Osteosarcoma is a rare form of bone cancer that occurs primarily in young children and late adolescents with only 1,000 new cases diagnosed in the United States each year. Quincy began intensive chemotherapy in July 2022. She underwent surgery to remove the primary tumor with a complete reverse shoulder replacement and resection of her right upper arm last October. Unfortunately, a PET scan in November revealed t...

Quincy Rohrbach
Kristina Matthews


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