Kidney Transplant Expenses for Leaven Wilson

Kidney Transplant Expenses for Leaven Wilson

Medical 5/16/2023 Murfreesboro, TN
Elijah Wilson is raising money for this fundraiser.
Raised: $2,685 of $15,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
My name is Elijah Wilson, and I'm a father and custodial parent of two kids, Leaven, age 12, and Atti, age 15. We live in Tennessee. However, my son Leaven, who has stage 4 kidney failure and is awaiting a transplant, has been living with his mother in Denver, where he is receiving excellent care at Denver Children's Hospital. I travel to Denver each time Leaven has a procedure to be with him. The expenses of travel, caring for my son in Tennessee, and missing unpaid work have put a significant financial strain on me. When a donor's kidney becomes available, I will accompany Leaven every step of the way in Denver. This will require me to be away from home for a month, missing work without pay. Expenses will include airfare, rental car, hotel accommodations, as well as care for my other son in Tennessee. Asking for help can be incredibly challenging, but sometimes it's necessary. I am fundraising with AngeLink to secure the funds needed to support my sons during this incredibly...

Elijah Wilson


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