North Carolina Moms Feed Hungry Kids in School

North Carolina Moms Feed Hungry Kids in School

Education 1/4/2023 Statesville, NC
Emily Kiral is raising money on behalf of Iredell Statesville Schools Ch....
Raised: $8,303 of $30,105 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Hello! We’re Jean and Emily, two moms from the North Carolina Iredell-Statesville school district. Many kids from our school district are from underserved families who cannot afford to pay the average $3 per day for their children to get a hot meal at school. So we decided to raise money to pay off our school’s lunch debt, and we're inviting you to join in the cause! Since the school year began, student lunch debt has reached a record high of $19.2 million in the United States. When students are unable to pay the $3 per day for their lunch, they begin accruing debt that creates financial and emotional stress on them and their families. This is particularly an issue in North Carolina, which owes $1 million of the total national debt. And the problem is much worse than it's been in years past. Normally for an entire school year, Iredell-Statesville Schools has about a $10K debt. At mid-year this school year, our district is triple that number! But this isn't right. No child should f...

Iredell Statesville Schools Child Nutrition Dept
Emily Kiral


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