ISS - A Clean Slate for a Full Plate!

ISS - A Clean Slate for a Full Plate!

Education 1/4/2023 Statesville, NC
Emily Kiral is raising money on behalf of Iredell Statesville Schools Ch....
Raised: $5,482 of $30,105 Goal
Fundraiser Story
A popular social media meme reads, "Instead of 'passing it on' by picking up the tab at Starbucks for the person behind you, call your local school and pay off a child's overdue lunch account. Clearly, the person behind you can afford their coffee." Let's pick up the Iredell-Statesville Schools unpaid lunch tab! ISS students owe $30K in unpaid breakfast and lunch fees. You can help! Participate in a random act of kindness. Contribute any amount. Give these students and their parents a clean slate to start 2023. Contribute to a general fund or choose a particular school. Add a comment to the page if your donation is for a particular school, please! (If the balance at your chosen school is $0, your donation will go to reducing the district’s balance.) Thank you for supporting these efforts! Please note that this fundraiser was started by concerned parents and is not being facilitated by the school system. These parents are in direct contact with the ISS Child Nutrition Department...

Iredell Statesville Schools Child Nutrition Dept
Emily Kiral


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