I've my health, recovering anyway...

I've my health, recovering anyway...

Medical 8/19/2022 Ajo, AZ
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For health, I have moved to Arizona. It has proven to have a very prositive outcome. For the most part… I've had to give up almost every thing, but my PC (which I need to produce my webcomic, "Too Much Information,"--a modest little effort, but it's kept me sane), my bed (a cheap adjustable--but its been lifesaver--I kid-you-not), few clothes (I'll need new stuff for AZ anyway), and my precious cat, Frankie Blue Eyes. I've had to leave all but my bed behind. It can all be replaced, eventually, with the exception of Frankie. My troubles began long ago, with my first stroke. I never recovered completely. More recently I've had what seems like one hospital or nursing facility, after-another. But I'm better now, execept money-wise. My insurance cut me off. I'm still paying off the nursing facility. I'm overdrawn, and taking more and more, And all I want is my cat back. I wouldn't turn down a Telsa, tho. (You can let the AC on, and Frankie has problems with the h...

Andrew Odendhal


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