Naples Tennis Friends For Ian

Naples Tennis Friends For Ian

Nonprofit 11/11/2022 Naples, FL
Emilio Sanchez Academy is raising money on behalf of Angelink Community Foundation
Raised: $9,785 of $5,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Hurricane Ian caused devastation and destruction across the Southwest Florida coast. This catastrophic storm has left thousands with severe flooding, loss of power, damaged infrastructure, housing, and more. So many have been displaced and experienced unimaginable loss. We know this is a challenging time for our community. Our tennis Academy is committed to help our community recover from this disaster. We will be hosting a charity event on December 10th from 10AM to 1:45PM in our academy located in the heart of Naples, Florida at: 2035 Sanchez Casal Way, Naples FL 34105. We will have tennis sessions, bootcamp, family tournament, complimentary breakfast, tennis clinic, and silent action. Donate to this fundraiser to purchase your tickets. We have two packages: one for adults $40 and one specifically design for kids $20. Specify in the comments the package you are purchasing. All funds raised in this event will be donated to the following nonprofits serving victims and their familie...

Angelink Community Foundation
Emilio Sanchez Academy


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