Price Family Love Fund

Price Family Love Fund

Loved Ones 8/8/2022 Canton, MI
Louis DiPonio is raising money on behalf of Nick Price.
Raised: $7,760 of $55,555 Goal
Fundraiser Story
RIP Angela Marie Price - DiPonio Due the loss of their mother Layla & Hadlee Price are in need of support to move forward with their lives. I am her brother Louie DiPonio & godfather to Layla. I am reaching out to people who have offered support, due to the circumstances we will be keeping the children close by and are seeking counseling for them to grieve with this. Their father is doing his best to keep things together and be there for his children like he always has. I am asking for financial support so they do not need to stress about money. Please share this to anyone I may not be able to reach out to and thank you for your support and god bless. 8/16/22 UPDATE Thank you family, friends, and strangers so much for your support! Also to those who have given their support in person. Y’all are truly putting your money where your hearts are and the Price’s are feeling your love lift a burden off of their shoulders. 🙏 We laid Angela to rest yesterday and they will be spending ti...

Nick Price
Louis DiPonio


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