Cancer spread to spine paralyzed from waist down

Cancer spread to spine paralyzed from waist down

Medical 2/1/2024 Sarasota, FL
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Fundraiser Story
Dear compassionate hearts, I come to you seeking your generosity and support during a challenging chapter in my life. Unfortunately, my battle with cancer has taken a distressing turn as I now face an Intramedullary lesion within my spine, leading to paralysis from the waist down. Despite the immense struggle, I remain steadfast in my optimism, holding onto faith as my beacon of hope to guide me through this daunting journey. The medical professionals have urgently recommended radiation treatments as surgery is not feasible due to the intricate location of the lesion inside my spine. I persevered through 12 grueling radiation sessions, both in the hospital and upon discharge, praying for a successful outcome. As I propel my spirit forward, I am committed to intensive physical and occupational therapy to regain mobility. Regrettably, my insurance only covers a limited number of sessions, and I urgently require additional support to continue these vital therapies. Your generous contribut...

jessica irizarry


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