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What is AngeLink?

AngeLink is a free fundraising platform to raise money for yourself, people you love, and the causes you believe in. But at our core, there’s something much bigger at work here. We’re democratizing access to funding and creating a radically new ecosystem of financial inclusion to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives. AngeLink is building the world’s largest community to support women – and giving women the power to change the world.

Is AngeLink free?

Round of applause please! Yes, AngeLink is FREE! 🤩 Yes, you heard that right, absolutely free as, we don’t charge a platform fee. A standard transaction fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per donation is charged to the fundraiser by our third-party payment processor – this allows for credit card processing and safe transfer of funds.

How do AngeLink voluntary tips work?

AngeLink is powered by Angels. Donors to fundraising campaigns may choose to give us a small voluntary tip during the donation process. Because we have a 0% platform fee, we rely on these tips so that we can continue to provide support to even more people and share the love across a larger global community. We simply can’t thank our donors enough for their kindness for others in our user community. We all rise by lifting others! Share the love 💕

What can I raise money for?

On AngeLink, you can raise money for yourself, another individual(s), a charity or an organization. In fact, we have 12 categories to choose from – whether you’re raising money to pay for medical bills, student loans, a loved one’s memorial expenses, a sick pet or a nonprofit you love. AngeLink is here to help!

What is crowdfunding?

Fundraising online is also called Crowdfunding; where a large group of people donate small amounts of money to help someone they love or a cause they’re passionate about. And, nothing’s more powerful than a group of people coming together with a shared vision, to spread a little love!

Is the processing of donations supported in non-US currencies?

Currently, AngeLink is only available in the United States, so we only process donations in USD ($). But stay tuned… we’re growing fast to become global🔥

Are donations to a fundraising campaign taxed?

Typically, donations to a fundraiser where the beneficiary is an individual are considered to be gifts and therefore, generally not taxable. However, we recommend you consult a tax professional to determine the tax consequences associated with donations received.

Donations to fundraisers where the beneficiary is a charitable organization under IRS Section 501(c)(3) are generally tax-deductible. For example, when you donate to a certified charitable organization (from the drop-down list of certified 501(c)(3) charitable organizations on the AngeLink Platform), your donation will be considered tax-deductible and you’ll receive a tax receipt from AngeLink Community Foundation with the appropriate information relating to a donation to a donor recommended nonprofit on the AngeLink platform.

All charities must have a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS’s exempt organization database for your donation to qualify for a federal tax exemption. If not, these donations are counted as personal gifts and are not tax-deductible. Again, check with your tax specialist for any specific questions.

What if a fundraiser does not reach its goal?

No worries 😊 On AngeLink, it’s never required that you reach your fundraising goal.  As long as your fundraiser is still active, you’ll still be able to receive donations.

Does AngeLink have any fundraiser deadlines or time limits?

Absolutely not. Your AngeLink fundraiser will remain active until you choose to make it inactive or cancel it. If your account remains unused for one year it will turn to inactive status.

How do I start a fundraiser?

Creating a fundraiser is simple and fun:

  • Choose a motivating and catchy title.
  • Select a compelling photo. A picture is worth a thousand words so make sure to upload an image that is eye-catching and makes an impression.
  • Select a goal amount. (Note you can change your goal amount at any time.)
  • Tell why your fundraiser matters. Make your story personal and descriptive. Why are you raising money? What will the funds be used for?
  • Voilà – you’ve set up your fundraiser!

For information from our Angel experts on how to run a successful fundraiser, head over to Tips and Tools.

It’s important to make sure to add important details about your story. Describe the need for financial help, how the funds will be used and by whom, including who will be withdrawing the funds and how they will be safely distributed to the beneficiary. Make sure expenses, receipts and documents are available to support and validate your fundraiser. Building trust benefits both your fundraiser and our community.

Can I raise funds as a team?

Absolutely, yes, you can! We highly recommend that you invite team members to maximize your fundraiser success and make your fundraiser shine 🌟

How do I create a team?

Once your fundraiser is set up, you can create a team and invite your friends to join you. Setting up a team not only spreads the word, but it also will amplify your impact. When you fundraise as a team you can get more engagement on social channels. Setting up a team is simple to do:

  • Create a team title
  • Add a team cover photo
  • Select and invite team members
  • Email, text call friends and family
  • Share our colorful badges and emojis on social platforms
  • Promote your fundraiser’s unique QR code to enable quick & easy donations

For information from our Angel experts on how to run a successful fundraiser, head over to Tips and Tools.

How does each person on a team get credit for the funds they personally raise?

Each team member gets a unique link to send to their friends and family. In order for each team member to get credit, they must have donors use their unique link.

Can someone under 18 start an AngeLink?

The AngeLink Platform can be used by those who’ve reached the age of majority in their state of residence, which usually means 18 years old. If you’re under the age of majority, but at least 13 years old, access to and use of the Platform requires the permission of your parent or guardian, including their agreement to these Terms of Use on your behalf. AngeLink is not meant for, directed to, and may not be used by anyone under 13 years old. Please see our Privacy Policy on Policies & Legal to learn more about the handling of a minor’s data.

By using the AngeLink platform, you affirm that you are at least 18 years old, or are at least 13 years old with consent of your parent/guardian.

How are donations processed?

All donations made to AngeLink fundraisers are processed through a third-party payment processor. A standard transaction fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per donation allows for credit card processing and safe transfer of funds.

If my fundraiser is not active for a period of time, how do I reactivate my fundraiser?

If your AngeLink fundraiser has had no activity for over 365 days it will be moved to “inactive” in our system. If you have any questions about reactivating your account, please contact customerlove@angelink.com.

Can I raise funds for an election or political cause or purpose?

No, unfortunately, Angelink does not have the capacity to support or raise funds for election or political causes or purposes.

What if I have problems creating an AngeLink fundraiser?

Your account name must have your first name and last name and contain no special characters such as (@, #, / or *). It must be your full first name and last name and cannot be just one letter. Additionally, make sure your contact information is listed properly. If you’re located in an unsupported country, you will not be able to create an AngeLink fundraiser.

What things should I consider when I raise money for another individual(s)?

When you raise money for another individual(s) please clearly note the beneficiary on your fundraiser page to let donors know who the funds are benefiting and to ensure full transparency.

Please note that only one person can withdraw funds from a fundraiser. When you raise money for another individual(s), you can invite that person to withdraw the funds directly to their own bank account when you set up withdrawals. You’ll need to ensure that the person can take on the responsibility for withdrawals. Or, you can decide to withdraw the funds yourself on their behalf and give the beneficiary the funds offline. When you do this, please be transparent in your fundraiser so donors understand how you will be transferring funds to the beneficiary.

When the beneficiary accepts the invitation to withdraw funds, they will need to set up their own AngeLink account and will be required to add their personal bank information. Once the beneficiary accepts your invitation to withdraw the funds, you’ll no longer be able to access withdrawals for any funds. They may also be asked to upload documents to be verified by our third-party payment partner.

Please note that when your fundraiser is raising money to pay services such as a wedding, funeral, college tuition or summer camp, you may need to withdraw the funds personally and then pay for the appropriate services offline.

What if my fundraiser is suspended?

If AngeLink believes that your fundraiser has violated any of our Terms of Service or we suspect any intent to deceive on our platform, we may suspend your account pending further review. In this event, you should receive an email titled “Action Required – Urgent Message from AngeLink.”  Please make sure to check your junk mailbox if you do not see it. Respond to the email with information required and contact customerlove@angelink.com directly if you have further questions.

What if I am notified of a hold or chargeback on a donation to my fundraiser?

A hold or chargeback on a donation may occur when a donor is concerned about a possible inaccurate charge on their account and contacts their credit card company to review it. If you know the donor, you may want to contact them and see how best to resolve the issue.

How do I find the fundraiser I want to donate to?

You don’t need an AngeLink account in order to make a donation, but we’re sure you’ll want to join this amazing community. You can locate a fundraiser by:

  • Navigating directly to the fundraiser’s URL;
  • Scanning the fundraiser’s QR code; or
  • Searching the fundraiser by its AngeLink title,the beneficiary’s name, the organizer’s name, or the fundraiser category.
How to donate to a fundraiser?

Once you find the fundraiser, press on the “Donate” button and proceed to fill out the information. You’re such an angel! You’re on your way to supporting someone in need or a good cause and becoming an #AngelAmongUs 😇  Thanks for spreading the love!

  • Donate using our app or website.
  • Search for causes that you’re passionate about.
  • Set up an AngeLink account in order to receive donor badges and virtual rewards.
What is an AngeLink donor badge?

AngeLink is a new ingenious platform that’s breaking the mold on social fundraising and transforming the way we give. Our platform is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!  When you login and create an AngeLink account on our mobile app and make a donation, you’ll get rewarded every time you donate with a free virtual achievement badge. Make sure to share your support for the fundraiser by posting your donor badge on social media. There’s nothing better to spread the word than sharing your AngeLink donor badge. Shine the light on someone you love or a cause you believe in. Ya never know….your post may go viral!

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Donations to an AngeLink fundraiser where the beneficiary is an individual are considered to be gifts and therefore, generally, not tax-deductible to the donor. We recommend you consult a tax professional to determine the tax consequences associated with donations. Tax deductions cannot be issued for donations to individuals as these are considered personal gifts.

Donations to a fundraiser where the beneficiary is a charitable organization in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) under IRS regulations are generally tax-deductible. For example, AngeLink certified charitable organizations (from the drop-down list of certified charitable organizations on our Platform) are considered to be tax-deductible, and you will receive a tax receipt from AngeLink Community Foundation with the appropriate information. AngeLink Community Foundation will be the donor of record, in its capacity as a donor-advised fund. All charities must have a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS exempt organization database for your donation to qualify for a federal tax exemption. Again, we recommend you consult a tax professional to determine the tax consequences associated with donations.

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes, however, you must enter the full name associated with the payment method you are using, even if you select to keep your donation publicly anonymous. If you do not, your transaction may be declined.

You will be given the option to hide your name when making your donation. However, the fundraiser is able to see the name of their donors. Due to banking laws, the campaign organizer will always be able to see the donors’ names as all donations are reported to the IRS per federal law.

Can I donate to my own fundraiser?

Our payment processors do not permit campaign organizers to donate to their own fundraisers where they are also the beneficiary of the funds. Even if you have received a cash or check donation from another person and seek to donate these funds to your own individual fundraiser, this may be considered a cash advance under banking laws and is not permitted. You may, however, donate to a fundraiser you establish for the benefit of a nonprofit where you are not the beneficiary of funds.

What forms of payments does AngeLink accept?

AngeLink accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express through our third-party payment processor. However, stay tuned – as we’re adding more payment options every day! Make sure to donate using your full name and your own credit/debit card information. Donate to the fundraiser only once to ensure successful processing. Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay coming soon.

Is this fundraiser safe to donate to?

We rely on you, our community, to be vigilant and facilitate transparency by reporting any activity you may regard as suspicious, misleading or inaccurate. Before you donate, make sure the fundraiser information and story are clear and detailed.

As you evaluate, consider the following questions:

  • Do you know the campaign organizer or beneficiary and how they are related?
  • What is the purpose and use of funds? Does it seem logical and believable?
  • Who will make withdrawals and how will they reach the beneficiary?

Please note that if a fundraiser is overfunded and still accepting donations, this means that our global outreach has led to an abundantly successful fundraiser. The campaign organizer may choose to increase the goal amount or leave it as is to reflect fundraiser success. This is usually not a reason to question the validity or legitimacy of the fundraiser. It’s your kind heart and your money, so please make sure you’re 100% comfortable with your decision to support the fundraiser with your donation.

Once I make a donation, how soon will the charge be posted to my account?

Once you make a donation, it will instantly be charged to your payment card or bank account, but it may take three to five business days to be processed.

What if my donation is not being processed properly and/or I receive an error message?

Please ensure that your credit card number, banking and personal information are correct, including your full name and correct billing and zip code information.

  • Try refreshing the page.
  • Try again on a different web browser.
  • Call your bank to approve the charge.
  • If it is still not going through, contact customerlove@angelink.com.
How do I receive a receipt?

AngeLink sends you a receipt for your donation via email. If you cannot find the email make sure that you entered your email correctly and that the email is not in your spam. Please contact customerlove@angelink.com if you have further questions.

What if I see an extra charge on my receipt or billing statement?

AngeLink is a free platform that exists due to the generosity of our donor community committed to making the world a better place. Donation receipts show your donation and tip amount that you generously contributed at the time of your donation. Donor tips enable AngeLink to maintain our free platform and help even more people who need some Angel love!

What is a Pending Charge?

Please note that some credit cards may list your donation as an “attempted charge” or “pending charge” as an extra layer of security and any duplicated amounts should disappear within 24 hours.

What is a withdrawal?

A withdrawal occurs when a fundraiser (or another authorized person) collects funds donated to their fundraiser by transferring them to a personal account. AngeLink strives to make the withdrawal process simple, safe, and transparent.

What documents may I need to withdraw the funds?

Please note that AngeLink or our payment partners may ask you to provide the following documents in order to initiate the request for the withdrawal of funds:

  • Age verification
  • Government photo ID
  • Social Security Number
What other documents may be required?

Additional withdrawal requirements may also include the following information requests:

  • Verify your personal information: Name, address and other information
  • Verify your email
  • Verify your phone number
  • Verify beneficiary
  • Add your banking information to receive funds
  • Social security # to verify your fundraiser
  • Other documents required for verification/validation
How are withdrawals completed?

AngeLink strives to make user withdrawals on a timely basis; however, withdrawals may not be available to you immediately as AngeLink does not warrant or guarantee that withdrawals will be available to you within any specific time frame. We rely on third-party payment processing partners that may require additional verification documentation.

AngeLink fully disclaims all responsibility for a delay of a withdrawal or any other reason that you may be unable to access and use withdrawals promptly. We also cannot be responsible for enabling withdrawals for a specified time period or for any issue that may arise from a delay or inability to process a withdrawal. All fundraisers are fully responsible for providing accurate and complete information for AngeLink to properly process withdrawals.

Why is my fundraiser unable to accept donations?

This situation may happen if you haven’t set up withdrawals (as requested) within 30 days of your first donation. Please note that if a fundraiser received its first donation over 90 days ago and withdrawals have still not been set up, the fundraiser will be frozen and all donations will be refunded to the original donors. This is in compliance with banking requirements.

What if a withdrawal is delayed or on hold?

If our AngeLink Security Team has any concern about your fundraiser, or a beneficiary withdrawal, we may put a hold on withdrawals, in which case we would send an email titled “Action Required – Urgent Message from Angelink”. Please check your junk mail folder if you don’t see it. Please respond to the details requested in our email in order to help us proceed with our review and potential lifting of the hold. The Beneficiary should contact the campaign organizer to help complete information requested by our Security Team if the withdrawal is placed on hold.

AngeLink or our payment partners may also ask for verification of personal information, emails, phone numbers, beneficiaries, social security numbers, and other documents. Please note that the criteria and documentation requirements for withdrawal of funds may be updated from time to time by our third-party payment partner so be on the lookout for emails titled: “Action Required – Urgent Message from AngeLink”.

When will I receive funds?

Once withdrawals are set up, you should start to receive funds within 5-7 business days.

Setting up withdrawals does not pause donations to your fundraiser. You can continue to receive donations once your withdrawals are set up. After initial withdrawal, AngeLink will automatically send all funds available for withdrawal on the 15th and 30th of every month. Please note withdrawals will not be processed on federal, government, or bank holidays. These withdrawals will be processed the next business day.

Who can withdraw funds?

The fundraiser or beneficiary can withdraw funds to their own bank account, or send the funds to an affiliated business or organization if requirements for withdrawal are met.

How and when can I withdraw funds?

Once you start to receive online donations to your AngeLink fundraiser you are able to begin the withdrawal process as your fundraiser continues to obtain donations. All you have to do is click Withdraw when you are logged into your account and continue to follow the instructions. The balance can be withdrawn directly to your bank account and can take anywhere between 5-7 business days to be received. AngeLink reserves the right to set a minimum withdrawal amount.

What if my donations get unexpectedly refunded?

If you fail to withdraw fundraiser funds within the 72 days from your first donation, or you fail to verify your account with the appropriate information within 60 days, then donations may be returned to the donors on the original form of payment.

Can a beneficiary withdraw money that I raise on their behalf?

Yes! You can invite the beneficiary to collect the funds and fill out the appropriate banking information to receive the funds. The link to this invite is found on your account page. The beneficiary will receive direct access to receive the funds once you have completed the fundraiser form and the requirements have been met.

Check your email, junk folder, and account page for a message or update from our payment processor, or a message from AngeLink requiring the submission of further information or documentation. Our team may have notified you of a hold placed on your account if we are reviewing an issue that needs further verification. For any further questions contact withdraw@angelink.com.

What if my campaign beneficiary doesn’t receive funds raised?

If the beneficiary doesn’t receive funds raised, please make sure you have sent them a beneficiary invitation to withdraw. Once the beneficiary accepts, they should be able to withdraw funds.

The beneficiary can also contact the fundraiser for further information. Please also check your inbox and have your beneficiary check their inbox for a potential “Action Required- Urgent Message from Angelink” notice of verification documents that may be required to complete your withdrawal. Follow the instructions in the email to upload documents for further review. Contact our AngeLink team with any questions you may have, or to file a claim to receive funds.

Need additional help?

Please contact withdraw@angelink.com if you have further any other questions about withdrawals.

What are the other documents that I may need to upload to withdraw funds?

Valid Government ID (in color) that is not expired in a file size that is a minimum of 100KB in a JPG or PDF format.

You may be asked to confirm your email and verify the phone number from your device by adding your number and selecting “Set up withdrawals” to establish an additional layer of two factor authentication to ensure safety and security on our platform.

AngeLink may require additional information to verify that you are 18 years or older.

Please note that you must enter your full name and physical address as it appears on your government-issued ID. Please do not enter a PO box. Also, please make sure to use the correct abbreviation for your state, if applicable. Please ensure that there is no incorrect information or typos. You may be asked if your bank uses ACH or EFT transfer.

Please note that AngeLink and our payment processor reserve the right to further validate fundraisers. If for any reason you did not receive funds after 5-7 days after you received an email notification that funds have been sent to your account, your account may be required to provide additional verification. We may have sent you an email “Action Required” notification or you may have an “Action Required” notification in your account.

Please understand that withdrawal can take several days, so make sure to process your withdrawal request early in the process to avoid delays. After your first withdrawal is approved and processed, please note that additional withdrawals can take an additional 2-7 business days to process. Verified donations will be sent to your account on a rolling basis, processed on the 15th and 30th of every month.

It is important to note that our payment partner does not provide partial withdrawals and is not authorized to act as a bank or to hold funds for an extended period of time. Therefore, every time a withdrawal initiates, it will be for your full available balance. Withdrawing funds will not affect your total amount raised for your fundraiser and you will be able to continue to accept donations even if you have already begun the withdrawal of funds.

Why was my withdrawal not received in my bank account?

If you get a message in your account or email from AngeLink or our third-party payment processor that a withdrawal was cancelled, double check that your bank information is accurate. The name on the bank account and withdrawal information must match. Recheck the bank routing information and /or ACH number that all digits are correct.

AngeLink is building life-changing technology, and is striving to create the world’s most trusted, safe and secure fundraising platform. We attempt to ensure that donors, fundraisers, beneficiaries and our user community are protected. We’re developing robust, patent-pending anti-fraud algorithms with escalating flagging systems to manage safety, security and compliance across our platform. In the event that a fundraiser is inaccurate and the funds have not been delivered or used for their intended purpose, AngeLink’s Security Team will work diligently to resolve the issue.

How does AngeLink keep fundraising campaigns safe?

AngeLink features leading payment encryption technology with our third-party payment partners. Donors’ online payments are safe and the money is stored in a secure manner until you’re ready to withdraw funds.

Sharing your story on AngeLink needs to be done in a detailed, compelling and truthful manner. We seek to protect our community and want to make sure your campaign funds reach the designated beneficiary safely. Our platform is built on trust and transparency. We look to our user community of fundraisers, donors and beneficiaries to create a safe platform. If you suspect a fundraiser is fraudulent or if you are a donor or beneficiary concerned about fraudulent activity, please “Report” the fundraiser as soon as possible.

If we are made aware that a fundraiser does not meet our terms of use policy, we will investigate and take action to protect our donors and beneficiaries. Examples of fraudulent activity may include false or misleading fundraiser statements or descriptions about the organizer, beneficiary or purpose of the fundraiser, or the inappropriate use of funds, the lack of beneficiary receipt of funds, among others.

AngeLink reserves the right to validate and verify fundraising campaigns at any time and for any reason if we believe there may be misuse or potential fraudulent activity. We may require the fundraiser and or beneficiary to provide evidentiary documentation as proof of need, which may include medical records and/or other personal or public records. AngeLink reserves the right to use additional verification methods from several other third-party databases as well as other sources to review the trustworthiness of a fundraiser.

What about potential Background Checks?

In an effort to further validate or verify fundraisers, AngeLink reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to require a background check on the Campaign Organizer and/or Beneficiary. AngeLink may require a background check if we believe in our sole discretion, that the fundraiser may be misleading, fraudulent or inaccurate for any reason or that the Campaign Organizer has an intent to potentially deceive Donors. In this circumstance, AngeLink may require a Campaign Organizer and/or Beneficiary to complete a third-party background check prior to withdrawal of funds. AngeLink is not a background check company and utilizes a third-party background check vendor to perform background checks.

AngeLink does not have access to or retain any personal information that may be reviewed by a third-party background check company. Fundraisers may also be asked to validate and verify fundraisers and respond to additional security questions to keep our platform safe and secure and to build trust among the community, however, AngeLink does not warrant or guarantee this. See AngeLink Terms of Service to learn more.

If the Fundraiser and/or the Beneficiary (as applicable) is notified that he/she failed third-party background check, the Fundraiser and/or the Beneficiary (as applicable) will be advised that he/she may contact the third-party background check company to file a dispute and provide documents to remediate any inaccuracies in the background check per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What are the limitations of background checks?

If a background check is conducted on a Campaign Organizers and/or Beneficiaries by a third-party vendor, it is important to note that background checks can vary in comprehensiveness according to variations among federal, state, county and/or local databases and availability of criminal history and information. Background checks are performed only with the consent of the person about whom the background check is being performed, using information that is provided by the subject of the background check, if incorrect information is provided by the subject of the background check, the results of the background check may be inaccurate or have incorrect identifying data, which may impact the results of the background check.

Additionally, some databases and/or criminal records may not be reported promptly or accurately, or due to electronic or human error, results may be incomplete or inaccurate. Background checks may be helpful to uncover potential red flags, however, Donors should not solely rely upon background checks to ensure the validity of a fundraiser. AngeLink recommends that background checks be performed as only one portion of a Donor’s review of a fundraiser worthiness. See AngeLink Terms of Service to learn more.

What about the Safety and Security for the Fundraiser and Beneficiary?
  • To enhance the safety and security of your fundraiser, only sign in to your account using our official AngeLink website with our secure encrypted technology.
  • Make sure to ensure your computer or device is secure and protected with a secure and unique password.
  • Do not respond to suspicious emails to avoid potential phishing or internet scams.
  • If you have trouble signing in, check your login information. If you forgot your password or you have trouble signing in, your account could be compromised, so please contact support@angelink.com.
How can I decide if it’s safe to donate to a particular fundraiser?

AngeLink makes it our top priority to keep our platform, donors and beneficiaries safe and secure. We rely on our community to facilitate transparency by reporting any activity that may be regarded as suspicious, misleading or inaccurate. Before you donate you should consider the following questions: Do you personally know the fundraiser or beneficiary? What is the purpose of the fundraiser and how will the funds be used? Who will make withdrawals and how will the beneficiary receive the funds?

If you have any questions about the legitimacy of a fundraiser or a violation of our AngeLink Community Guidelines for Conduct or our Terms of Service, please “Report” a fundraiser or contact legal@angelink.com.

What if a fundraiser is overfunded and still accepting donations?

Often a fundraiser will exceed their stated goal. This means AngeLink platform has been highly successful at connecting donors and fundraisers on our platform. The campaign organizer may choose to increase the goal amount or leave it as is to reflect fundraiser success. Please note that this by itself is usually not a reason to question the legitimacy of a fundraising campaign.

How does AngeLink combat suspicious, unauthorized or fraudulent campaigns?

AngeLink’s mission is to make this world a better place by encouraging people to help those in need. Although 99.9% of all campaigns are legitimate, a fraction exists for a potentially fraudulent fundraiser, and we look to our community to be aware and vigilant.

If a fundraiser does not meet our AngeLink Community Guidelines for Conduct or our Terms of Service of honesty and truthfulness, or if there is any intent to deceive donors for any reason, we will take action to protect our community. Examples of fraudulent activity may include, but are not limited to false or misleading statements or descriptions about the fundraiser, beneficiary or the purpose of the fundraiser, inappropriate use of funds or lack of beneficiary proper receipt of funds.

AngeLink fully cooperates with law enforcement. If you believe you are a victim of fraud please contact the U.S. Department of Justice, National Center for Disaster Relief Fraud, and/or your local law enforcement.

What if I believe a fundraiser is misrepresenting the truth or potentially fraudulent?

We do our best to make sure that every fundraiser meets our standards. However, if you believe a campaign should be removed for untrustworthy behavior, report the fundraiser by going to the bottom of the fundraiser’s page and clicking “Report this Fundraiser.”

How do I report a fundraiser?

AngeLink seeks to identify any potentially fraudulent activity and/or the possible misuse of funds raised. If you believe for any reason that a Campaign Organizer is not raising funds or using funds for their described fundraiser purpose, please click on the “Report” button on the fundraiser to inform our AngeLink Security Team and we will investigate this potential issue.

In the extremely rare case of a fundraiser containing fraudulent or inappropriate information, we ask that you report the fundraiser so that we can immediately act upon this. We keep the name on your report completely private.

AngeLink coordinates with law enforcement by providing any necessary information in the case of an investigation. If you’re a member of law enforcement you can contact us at legal@angelink.com.

What about Donor verification?

AngeLink strives to provide a safe and secure platform for our community. AngeLink may contact donors to verify donations or questions we may have about donations or donation processing problems.

What if I have a question about a donation?

As your AngeLink fundraiser is shared, its potential for success increases. Sometimes this may lead to donations from people you don’t recognize. Help us become more aware of these questionable donations by paying attention to any odd donor or organization names, repeated or large donations from one unknown donor or any unknown donor who asks you directly for a refund. If you see an AngeLink charge on your credit card or receive an AngeLink donor receipt via email that you do not recognize,  please contact us at customerlove@angelink.com or contact your bank to make sure your card has not been compromised.

What is AngeLink’s Privacy Policy?

AngeLink is a community inspired and powered by women that enables you to raise money for the people you love and the causes you believe in. AngeLink is a socially responsible platform for global good making a powerful positive impact. Our community ethos is based on fundamental human kindness and compassion. Therefore, we expect users to be respectful of others in the AngeLink community and when sharing comments on our platform. AngeLink reserves the right (not the obligation) to monitor and review all comments and posts on our platform. We also reserve the right to delete and remove any offensive, unkind, or inappropriate content on our platform.  See the AngeLink Privacy Policy.

How do we work with law enforcement?

AngeLink cooperates with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in any investigation. We can provide information about our campaign organizers, withdrawals, account and donation history. We are not a bank or payment processor, and therefore cannot offer related financial information. Please contact our third-party payment processor for such financial details. If you have any other questions about law enforcement efforts, please contact us at legal@angelink.com.

What is our Safety and Security for Fundraiser and Beneficiary?

To enhance the safety and security of your fundraiser, only sign in to your account using our official AngeLink website with our secure encrypted technology badge or icon. Make sure you sign out. Make sure to ensure your computer or device is secure and protected and make sure you use a secure and unique password. If you question any AngeLink message or any activity on your account, please contact us at support@angelink.com and reset your password.

Do not respond to suspicious emails to avoid potential phishing scams. If you have trouble signing in, check your login information. If that doesn’t work, your account could be compromised, so please contact support@angelink.com.

Make sure you have verified the bank and other information for yourself or your beneficiary. Also, please make sure you know the beneficiary and their family and check to make sure they do not already have an active charitable fundraiser.

If your fundraiser violates any of our Terms of Service, our customer support team may suspend your fundraiser. In this event, you will receive a detailed email marked “Action Required – Urgent Message from AngeLink” notifying you of the suspension of your account, and you may see a warning on your fundraiser dashboard.  Check your spam folder if you have trouble finding this email and ensure you have entered the correct email address.

Please respond directly to this AngeLink email with the requested information necessary for our AngeLink Security Team to complete their review. Beneficiaries should contact their campaign organizer if they see their fundraiser has been suspended. If you cannot find the “Action Required” email, please contact legal@angelink.com.

What if I have a beneficiary concern?

As a beneficiary, to report a claim on a fundraiser you did not authorize or consent to or if you did not receive your campaign funds, please email legal@angelink.com.

What if I have a concern about a user on our platform?

If you are concerned about any potential case of self harm or suicide on our platform, say something. We take concerns about self harm seriously and encourage individuals to seek help through local and National professional resources.

CALL: In case of any emergency, please call 911

CALL: In case of potential self harm, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

TEXT: HOME to 741741 for the Crisis Text Hotline

Click ‘learn more’ below to find out about the AngeLink Assurance Policy.

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Click ‘learn more’ below to find out about the AngeLink Refund Policy.

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What is the AngeLink Community Foundation?

The AngeLink Community Foundation (“ACF”) is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) public charity, Federal Tax ID: 85-2671534. ACF’s mission is to empower women and organizations that support women through grants and distributions to AngeLink funding recipients as well as other charitable organizations. Join us to empower the powerless!

Are donations to ACF tax deductible?

Yes, donations to ACF are tax deductible for qualifying donors.

What are the ACF 6 Pillars of Giving?

ACF’s 6 Pillars of Giving are unrestricted donations that support our thoughtfully curated core areas of focus. Through partnerships with other nonprofits, we nurture the spirit of female empowerment to achieve global economic parity for women.

What is the AngeLink Community Foundation Non-Profit Alliance?

The ACF Nonprofit Alliance enables charities to access new potential digital donations. Nonprofit organizations such as 501(c)(3) Public Charities, religious institutions or Private Operating Foundations in good standing with the IRS may enroll in the ACF Nonprofit Alliance.

ACF provides grants to nonprofits that are vetted through our nonprofit review process to ensure that all funds are used solely for charitable purposes. In order to enroll, nonprofits must meet the standards articulated in the ACF Nonprofit User Agreement (in addition to all other relevant ACF policies) and be able to provide proof of charitable status.

Once enrolled in the Nonprofit Alliance, nonprofits will receive an email verifying that ACF has reviewed and/or confirmed their charity’s status. A charity must be enrolled in the ACF Nonprofit Alliance in order to receive an ACF grant. Nonprofits in California will be notified if they may need to complete additional screening.

What is the StudentLink Program?

Click ‘learn more’ below to find out about the AngeLink Community Foundation’s StudentLink program.

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What is the AngeLink College Ambassador (AKA Angels) Program?

AngeLink College Ambassadors (“Angel Ambassadors”) are undergraduate college students (18 or older) who believe in economic equality and gender parity and want to help build AngeLink’s presence on campus. Our Angel Ambassadors are confident go-getters, active in their community and have a strong social network.

Angel Ambassadors grow professionally and personally, receive development tools and experiences, help to positively impact people’s lives and meet a network of like-minded people. This partnership opens up new opportunities and allows our Angels to make a difference in their community and beyond. We’re so proud of our Angels and how they’re helping to create a movement to spread global good. Being a change agent is a big responsibility!

How does the AngeLink College Ambassador Program work?

Our Angel Ambassadors share our mission to promote social and economic empowerment of women and gender parity through charitable fundraising initiatives, marketing, advocacy and social media engagement. Angel Ambassadors do their part to help build an inclusive and diverse community to create a powerful, positive impact. Our Angels are expected to present and promote AngeLink’s Ambassador opportunity in a truthful and ethical manner and these core values at all times.

Is the AngeLink College Ambassador Program inclusive?

The AngeLink College Ambassador Program is a student-led, mission-driven program. We strive to create an inclusive, diverse and accessible environment for all participants. We foster a culture of respect for all and believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational to how we can come together to raise funds to support local communities and achieve the greatest good.

Our Angel Ambassador Program promotes inclusion, diversity, and equality. AngeLink is committed to treating everyone with respect and compassion regardless of ethnicity, race, national origin, religion, beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or age. We welcome all student participants to hone their leadership skills and learn civil engagement, advocacy and philanthropy skills to help us build a brighter future for everyone. Join us. We’re stronger together.

How does AngeLink connect with Angel College Ambassadors?

AngeLink uses best-in-class technology to connect and communicate with each College Ambassador to interact on a weekly basis. We utilize a safe, secure, and trusted course management platform that is widely used by most school districts, colleges and universities in the country to help educators connect with students. This way our College Ambassadors keep up-to-date on all the latest AngeLink news, programs, networking events and special offerings as well sneak peaks!

What are the top 10 benefits of being an Angel Ambassador?
  • Host amazing and fun events on campus
  • Earn free AngeLink merch and prizes
  • Opportunity to collaborate with influencers in your area
  • Develop valuable marketing experience and build your resume
  • Chance to become AngeLink mobile app Beta tester
  • Attend invite-only AngeLink parties and events
  • Network with like-minded individuals
  • Preferred positioning and corporate marketing support for your own AngeLink fundraising campaign
  • Get featured on AngeLink platforms
  • Exclusive opportunity for a Summer Internship at HQ, in sunny Naples, Florida! Now, this is so WAY cool.

You’ll gain invaluable marketing experience, cultivate important relationships, negotiate partnerships, and start building your professional network. Our Angel Ambassadors get firsthand access to the latest news and chances to win free merch and rewards based on your reposts, posts and social shares. Sweeeet!

What are Angel Ambassador responsibilities?

We give our Angel Ambassadors the creative freedom to spread AngeLink’s mission on campus. Your responsibilities are to increase brand awareness on and off campus by hosting amazing events, using fun and engaging marketing tactics, building an empowering community and leveraging your social media channels to encourage students to download our app and help those in need. There’s never been a more fun and engaging way to motivate a new generation of change-makers!

Do I get paid?

Yes! College students who are chosen to represent AngeLink on campus as Angel Ambassadors are paid a monthly stipend. Campus Leads (the student in charge of coordinating the campus team) receives additional compensation.

What If I don’t have an Instagram and/or Tik Tok account?

You must have an Instagram account and/or a Tik Tok account to participate in our Angel Ambassador program. Sharing your amazing photos and videos with AngeLink merch and your own creative content is the BEST way to create the AngeLink movement on campus!

Do I need my Instagram to be public?

Yes! In order to capture your engagement and posts on Insta, Tik Tok as well as Facebook, you must have your account public.

How do I become featured on the “Ambassador Spotlight” on AngeLink’s Instagram?

Each week, we choose an Ambassador to Spotlight on our @angelink_official Instagram. We handpick each week’s spotlight and check to see which Ambassadors are actively posting and resharing our content. The more you post, the more likely we are to notice you and choose you to be spotlighted! Shine a little light, Angel.

What are you waiting for?

Apply now and join the fastest growing Ambassador program on college campus. You’ll love it.


What is the AngeLink Angel Influencer Program?

AngeLink’s Angel Influencer program enables influencers of all sizes to rise above the crowd. Influencers are trendsetters who use their authentic voice to create meaningful connections and mobilize followers to come together to do something truly special.

How does the Angel Influencer Program work?

AngeLink Angel Influencers share our mission to promote the social and economic empowerment of women and gender parity through charitable fundraising initiatives, marketing, advocacy and social media engagement. Our Angel Influencers connect and amplify social media channels to create a powerful, positive impact. Our Angels are expected to present and promote AngeLink’s Angel Influencer opportunity in a truthful and ethical manner and these core values at all times.

Can I get compensated as an AngeLink Angel Influencer?

Yes. Successful fundraisers in our Angel Influencer program (no matter how large or small your follower base) are total rockstars! As AngeLink Angel Influencers and role models, you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation. Contact us at partner@angelink.com to discuss ways we work with influencers for all shapes and sizes to elevate their brand and promote the Angel movement for social good. Join us to create something truly special.

How do I benefit from being affiliated with AngeLink?
  • Joining the AngeLink Angel Influencer program creates powerful win-wins. When you invite your followers to rally behind a person you love, a pet/animal, organization or a cause you believe in, you elevate your own personal brand and create a movement for social good.
  • We know it’s taken you years to build your own brand. Our Angel Influencer Program fuels engagement, loyalty and emotional connections that deepens relationships with your followers. We’re unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
  • Create a measurable impact and watch goodness reflect on you. When you become an Angel Influencer, you’ll get recognized not only for what’s on the outside…you’ll shine the light on who you are on the inside too. Love and light are always measured by what you give.
As an AngeLink Angel Influencer what will I do?
  • Share stories rooted in kindness:
    Angel Influencers launch AngeLink fundraisers for causes, organizations and communities that are dear to them. Our Angel Influencers tell followers why a specific cause matters to them on a personal level. And, there’s nothing more powerful than an authentic, personal connection!
  • Set in motion a wave of compassion and influence:
    Everyone wants to be part of something bigger. Our Angel Influencers act as leaders, posting links to their fundraisers across social media and mobilizing their followers to work as a team. Together, you and your followers can achieve the impossible!
  • Spotlight a marginalized community that deserves serious love:
    Our Angel Influencers have the power to create positive change. Your advocacy for worthy causes, friends in need, charitable organizations and struggling communities brings hope to difficult situations. Soooo nice!
Is the AngeLink Angel Influencer Program inclusive?

Our Angel Influencer Program fuels a mission-driven movement and creates a powerful impact across all social media networks. We strive to build an inclusive, diverse and accessible environment for all participants. We foster a culture of respect for all and believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational to how we can come together to raise funds to support local communities and achieve the greatest good.

The AngeLink Angel Influencer Program promotes inclusion, diversity, and equality. Our program is committed to treating everyone with respect and compassion regardless of ethnicity, race, national origin, religion, beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or age. We welcome all participants who seek to be an advocate for social impact to help us build a brighter future for everyone. Join us. We’re stronger together!

How do I join the AngeLink Angel Influencer program?

We’re looking for influencers, go-getters and connectors who can spot crazy good opportunities.
Have big ideas? Want to access and connect with a larger audience? Want to inspire your followers to do something truly special together? Then join us as an Angel Influencer!


How do I change my password?

Changing your password is a breeze! If you aren’t already logged in, start by simply logging into your account. Then go to the profile tab, which can be accessed via the hamburger menu or the toolbar. Once on the profile page, click change password. You will then be required to enter your current password, along with entering the new password twice. Don’t forget to hit “Change Password”. And tah dah! You’ve successfully changed your password.

What if I forgot my password?

As long as you remember your email, you can easily reset your password. Head to the sign in page and enter your username. Once this has been entered, click “Forgot your password?”. This will reset your password and a new password will be sent to your email address. Once the email has been located, proceed to signing in with your email address and the new password. And make sure to write down that new password!

The page crashed and/or froze. What do I do?

There are many reasons this might have occurred, but not too worry! Let’s solve this together! Start by ensuring you have a stable connection. Once a stable connection has been confirmed, check to see if the issue is still occurring.
If the issue still persists on the mobile app, close out the app and reopen it again after 10 seconds. If the issue is still occurring you can try deleting the AngeLink app and reinstalling the app.
If you’re experiencing this on the website, close out the tab and try again. If the issue still persists, restart your computer and relaunch the web browser. You can also try using a different browser.
Still facing issues? No worries! Contact support@angelink.com.

How do I update my AngeLink app?

You can update your AngeLink app by navigating to the app store for iOS devices or the google play store for Android devices. From here, search for the AngeLink app. You will then see the option to update the app. You can also update the app on the store by accessing your account page. From here you can see all the apps you have downloaded on your device that need to be updated.

What device types are compatible with the app?

The AngeLink app is a mobile app that is compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices. Tablets and desktops can access the AngeLink platform via www.angelink.com

What is the oldest device version that is compatible with the AngeLink app?

The oldest iOS version that’s compatible with the AngeLink app is iOS 11 and the oldest Android version that’s compatible with the app is Version 6.

What is the oldest version I can access of the AngeLink app?

Everyday we’re working on improving the AngeLink mobile app. So we suggest updating the app every time we release a new update to get the latest features and bug fixes. Make sure to turn on auto updates to never miss the latest version!

I forgot the email address connected to my account. What do I do?

You can contact support@angelink.com to access your account. You will be asked to provide the phone number associated with your account and other information you provided to verify your identity and account.