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The Truth About Investing in Yourself

In today’s media, self-care is a hot topic. With many articles published on this, it is easy to start believing that self-care is simple. The truth is, self-care is a lot more difficult than having dessert after dinner. For one to accomplish self-care and self-love, you must first learn to invest in yourself and your endeavors.

Investing in yourself is giving yourself the opportunity to try new things by searching for what makes you happy. This investment also doesn’t have to break the bank. For example, by putting aside a few extra minutes to read a book, you are already focusing on yourself. By allowing yourself some time for fun, you are telling yourself that you deserve to be happy. Isn’t that nice? 

Everyone knows that the only way to love another is to love yourself first. Investing in yourself will definitely help with this long, arduous process. In a society that puts so much pressure on your apperance, it’s easy to succumb to the ideologies of beauty. By choosing yourself, in all your unique quirks and qualities, you are being a boss woman. Telling the world that a woman will not fit a mold is the type of empowerment that deserves to be called for what it is: heroic. Being empowered by self-love in a society where it is a scandal to speak one’s mind and taboo to show anything below the collarbone requires nothing less than a successful, confident woman who learned to invest in herself. This woman invested in herself and discovered her true abilities. This investment in your own happiness by choosing to be you is an experience that everyone should strive for, and we should embrace this truth.

Investing in yourself is in no way easy. No one can wake up one day and love themselves inside and out. This is why investing in yourself can aid in the road to success. A successful woman needs only two things to back her up: self-love and perseverance. So go invest in yourself. Eat healthy, check something off your bucket list, build your confidence, go to a flea market, make a craft! By changing your life one decision at a time, you are beginning the passage to a better you. But no matter what you do, make sure that you are doing it for you and only for you. You are holding to the key to success, and all you need to do to use it is to enjoy life. After all, nothing is more powerful than a woman who loves herself.

-Bianca Reyes, AngeLink Brand Ambassador