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Activism - Why It Matters

Activism - Why It Matters

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of activism? Do you believe that it is important for women to express themselves and speak their mind? If you are uncertain how to answer, let’s discuss what activism means and why it is important.

Activism is an effort by a group of people to promote or direct social, political or environmental reform, with the idea to call for change in society.  People who are activists come together to campaign for some kind of change or to protest a political or social cause.  These efforts include demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, and boycotts among other gatherings in which people come together to call for change.   Freedom of speech in the form of activism is important for some of the following reasons.

Call Out Inaction

Activism is important as it provides an opportunity for people to call out certain inactions. Keep in mind that when a group of individuals gather together and express their concerns about a particular issue, there is a better chance that they will be heard. Without public demonstration of displeasure with a situation, action to amend may never happen. 

Inspire Change

As discussed above, one of the reasons why activism plays an important role in our lives is because it offers a catalyst for change. When a small group of people with a shared vision come together, they can create positive change in the world.  A good activist needs to inspire and be committed to their cause.  

Give People A Voice

Activism offers people a voice and gives them the opportunity to be heard. This is empowering for every individual, especially to those who struggle in believing that their situation can improve.  Activism provides hope for positive outcomes on issues that are important to people.


Activism offers a vehicle for people to come together and support causes they believe in for positive change in society.  No matter what form activism takes, activists should follow the laws and regulations for peaceful civilized protest or promotion, being respectful of others who have equal rights to promote their views as well.  No one needs more violence in this world!  Help promote peace in all of your public efforts.