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How to Push Yourself to New Horizons

How to Push Yourself to New Horizons

Imagine yourself in 5 years. Where do you want to be? More importantly, who do you want to be? These may seem like daunting questions, but setting goals is an important way to ensure consistent personal growth. Don’t worry if your goal seems impossible; the sky’s the limit! In fact, having big dreams sets you apart from the pack and secures a successful future. As the author Norman Vincent Peale once said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

  • Make SMART Goals
  • The “SMART” goal system is a great way to formulate specific, achievable goals. “SMART” stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. For example, setting a goal to study for your science test by memorizing 25 flashcards by 1pm on Saturday is much more likely to be achieved than by simply setting a goal to study. Making a series of SMART goals can be used as a ladder to greater goals, like running a successful business. 

  • Hold Yourself Accountable
  • So you made a SMART goal. Good for you! But who’s going to keep you accountable to it? A great way to ensure that you actually follow through on your goals is to set up a reward system for yourself. If you successfully memorize those 25 flashcards in time, reward yourself with a trip to the zoo with your friends! Or, conversely, if you do not memorize the flashcards, stay home and study until you do. 

  • Try Something New
  • Don’t just stay at home and study. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, try new foods, do something that scares you, and explore foreign cultures. By experiencing new things, and removing your safety net, you force yourself to grow as a person. Take college, for example. Sure, it was terrifying to leave home and enter a new environment, but you graduated as an entirely different, and hopefully better, person. 

  • Learn How to Handle Setbacks
  • Even if you make SMART goals, hold yourself accountable, and try new things, you are bound to have a negative experience eventually. It’s just part of life. However, recognize that these setbacks also force you to grow and teach you valuable life lessons. Learn how to appreciate the many good things in your life and the silver lining of every dark cloud. 

    Pushing yourself to new horizons is no easy task. It takes constant effort and reflection. From trying new things and taking risks, to making goals and sticking to them, personal progress can occasionally induce growing pains. So, whoever you dream to be in 5 or 10 or 15 years, you can get there by pushing yourself to new horizons, one step at a time.