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How to Jump Start Your Side Hustle

How to Jump Start Your Side Hustle

Definition of a Side Hustle

A side hustle is an additional job position that an individual obtains to support their income, in addition to their first job position. For an individual, it can be described as freelance or passionate work that was difficult to endure at first. For example, tutoring, freelance writing, coaching, clothing making, and many other objectives are described as side hustles.

This is important because even as many side hustles are part-time jobs, it allows the individual to decide how much they work and earn.

Employment During COVID-19

According to ​The World Bank, the “...pandemic is expected to plunge most countries into a recession in 2020…”1 In the United States, most Americans are working from home while others are classified as essential workers (critical members to the public-sector), since they work at local grocery stores or positions. For young adults, it will be difficult because most are entering into the workforce or have to find employment to make ends meet such as bills, tuition, and other responsibilities. Even though most people are uncertain of their economic status, this can be an opportunity to invest in high demanded tasks and can gain beneficial networks.

How to Start Side Hustle

1. Identify Your skills

With lockdowns in place, it is an opportunity to grab a journal and write down useful skills that were enhanced. For example, time management is a beneficial skill that leads to successful outcomes for an individual. Choosing a skill should not be based on which guarantee success but rather on making impressions. According to ​Indeed, a worldwide employment search, it describes basic examples of choosing skills and how skills that individuals present should resemble their narrative2. With skills, it can be described as an art piece because the illustration is visible and clear enough to understand,

2. Set Milestones

For some, this may be difficult because of strict dedication and discipline to promote their business. Companies such as Urban Outfitters, Zumiez, and other insert Instagram photos about recent items. This is where creativity and discipline occur because if the individual displays “aesthetic looks”, then they have to create deadlines to ensure all products are photographed to online sites. Setting milestones allows the individual to create deadlines, improve time management and customer service, and much more. When everything is accomplished, more people will recognize the brand name and display additional interest.

3. Ask for Real Customer Feedback

Receiving criticism is beneficial because it allows the individual to explore new viewpoints and interests. A cliché example of customer service is a food receipt because many do not read at the back of the paper asking for feedback and can win something. A generalization of this issue is that many assume that their feedback is useless but in reality, it allows the company to grow and expand new customer service options. As a former Dairy Queen employee, the company would ask customers for feedback because they wanted to ensure the menu was favorable among all ages. For an arising entrepreneur, receiving criticism can improve customer attraction and many other aspects.

Even though the world is confronting a dangerous virus, the opportunity to grow and start new desires are endless. An example can be Billie Eillish, who started with minimal views and later grew to fame at a young age. Side hustles is an opportunity to explore interests and learn about yourself because at some point, the job position that's being occupied can be terminated. Facing the world can be painful but at the end, hard work and determination can lead to an improvement in one’s life.

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-Efren Vazquez Gonzalez, Angelink Social Ambassador