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There are so many companies out there that were started by women and give back to not only women but also the community. These companies have all started from the ground up just like AngeLink, and all of the CEO’s and Founders have become inspirational Girl Bosses, like our own Gerry Poirier. These companies are an inspiration to females everywhere, and we should support them like we do our own.

Citizen’s Mark


Need professional work clothes, but can’t afford the price? Citizen’s Mark’s, Cynthia Salim, founder wanted to change the way the workforce viewed women and the only way to do that is to change the wardrobe. She wanted women to be viewed as equal to their male co-workers with their professional outfits. Cynthia is one influential Girl Boss.



FEED is a company that was founded by Lauren Bush after seeing the effects of childhood hunger first-hand. All of the merchandise says how many meals you’re giving under each product, this allows you to know how many children you can feed with just one purchase. Plus, as an added bonus, they have totes that have inspiring women empowerment quotes on them!

Round and Square


Henriette Ernst created a fashion company that gives back to Equality Now, which protects the rights of women’s and girls’ lives all around the world. And according to Henriette, “each piece incorporates messages of peace, prosperity and gender equality.” What can be better than supporting the equality of women and wearing a piece of a story?

Pure Romance



Founder Patty Brisben created this company to help women learn about their own sexual wellness and have products that can empower and entertain women. Brisben also started Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health to give more education to women’s sexual health. If you want to have some fun in the bedroom, Pure Romance is just the right company to support.

Inspiranza Designs



Diane Lawrence and Dawn Pochek launched their sterling silver jewelry business to give women affordable stunning jewelry to wear. They wanted women to feel powerful when wearing their pieces. With an assortment of jewelry (everything from rings to anklets), you can absolutely find the perfect piece for you!

Kindred Braverly



Co-founder and CEO Deeanne Akerson founded this wonderful company for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding so they could have cute and comfortable clothes. Kindred Braverly wants to support each and every woman through their motherhood journey. So, if you or someone you know is going to become a Momma, check Kindred Braverly for all of your maternity needs.




Cindy Monroe founded Thirty-One to help women run their businesses with cute and professional looking products. Thirty-One helps consultants support their families and reach their dream. Monroe started her company from the ground up to not only reach her dream, but also help others reach theirs. And the products come in all shapes, styles, and colors, so there’s bound to be something there you will love!

The Takeaway

These incredible companies are fully committed to giving back to women and their communities. They’ve taken big risks to start their companies and get them to where they are now, to becoming Girl Bosses. They wouldn’t be where they are today without the support of powerful women, so let’s continue to support them and tell their stories.


-Jess Feyler, AngeLink Social Ambassador