Join the movement to give women the technology to help and support each other

Empowering Women One Step at a Time

Empowering means providing someone or something with power.

Sometimes we do not realize that we give power to the majority of things in our lives. We empower life by living. We empower time by revolving our days around it. We empower negativity by constantly doubting our situation. But we rarely empower the individuals that bring us life: women. Women who are capable of creating life, overcoming obstacles, and bringing love. Growing up there was not much conversation on how being a woman is more than just caring about yourself. Throughout this journey, I began to realize that in the midst of pushing forward, it was necessary to uplift other women. I realized I have a passion for supporting women who come in different shapes and sizes. The need for empowering women meant supporting their dreams that were completely different than mine. I also realized that I am naturally empowering women by making the right decisions for myself because someone out there might be watching me.

We already live in a world that does not realize the amount of strength it takes to be a woman. There are plenty of women who feel like there is no one out there pushing and encouraging them, so they have to push and encourage themselves. I know the feeling of being strong all the time and realizing that there’s nobody else supporting you. That feeling made me vow to empower women with every chance I get. To rolling my window down and telling them that they look like the best thing on earth or supporting their dreams and aspirations in the best way that I could. The world forgets that without the existence of women there would not be much. There would be no one to show us the beauty of life, no one to teach us strength through actions, or to show us love. Without us, there would be nothing. So support your local women today!

-Ariel Paul, AngeLink Social Ambassador