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Coming Together as Women

As women, we go through so many problematic issues that affect us in society.
The different issues some women face in today’s world are: lacking equal access to opportunities, sexism, racism, abuse, motherhood etc. We as women face all of these issues at least once in our lifetimes. Women do not receive the support and attention they need in order to get recognition and justice for their works. As women, we are the mothers, caretakers, Grandmothers, sisters, and aunts of other young women and men in our lives. Women work hard to not only be high achievers but a strong leader in their families lives.

Single women are known to be the most hard working women that provide food on the table for their families, having a business of their own, attending school for the completion of degrees or pursuing whatever they put their mind to. Women are the strong holders in society, they are the achievers, they are our motivation, and they are our biggest supporters. Women are go getters.

I myself have been in this situation where as a woman, I’m not recognized for my
hard work. My friends would always uplift me when I am in my darkest days.
They support me in anything I decide to conquer whether it’s a job interview, an
exam, or anything that I feel I won’t achieve. The choice of women I have as
friends are the most hardworking, encouraging group of young women who I am
so grateful to call my friends. This shows true women empowerment. We need to learn to respect each other, be dependent upon each other, and be a group that is giving positive energy to those women who are facing low self esteem.

Woman empowerment is the togetherness of women to join together and fight for
their worth, fight for their dreams, and fight for whatever it is they want to be.
Togetherness of women is what will change the world.

-Naressa Hinds, AngeLink Social Ambassador