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Body Positivity

It’s time for you to stand up, look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself you are beautiful because you are. Body positivity is something every person struggles with. Whether you’re male or female, cisgender or transgender, able-bodied or disabled — having a healthy and positive view of your own body can be a life-long struggle. Most people have a challenge with body positivity in which society presents and views the physical body. We all need to be there for each other and uplift each other when we need it the most. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like, your size, or your height. It’s important to get behind the movement because there are many misconceptions about the intentions and benefits of it. We all deserve to feel loved in our own skin. No matter what anyone says, show off your style, and simply just be yourself.

As a society, we need to encourage each other to learn more about self-love. Body positivity encourages acceptance of bodies as they are. For many, this can mean giving respect and acceptance to bodies that are overweight, underweight or look different from what is commonly deemed “acceptable.” When we have confidence in our body, we become more resilient to others' negative comments. This is exactly why we need to continue to uplift each other and encourage each other to love yourself for who you are. When the world sees positivity coming through us, we shine to the world and give it hope.  Showing off our own kind of body positivity can inspire other women to have positive thoughts on themselves and their bodies.  

Being positive about our own bodies might be hard for us to handle, but it’s important for each person to have a positive mindset about themselves, physically and mentally. When we have a positive mental state of ourselves, being positive about physical appearance becomes easier. We need to show to the world that yes, we may be different than anyone else in this world, and that’s okay because each and every one of us is beautiful and unique. We can be and do anything we want to do in this world, as long as we stick together and support each other through the highs and the lows, we can get through anything. 

So ladies, believe in yourself, believe in others, and remember it’s okay to be different. It’s what makes us all beautiful. Be proud of who you are and don’t allow anyone else to bring you down. Pick up your crown queen and wear it with your head held high. 


-Jordan Evans, AngeLink Social Ambassador