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Working From Home As A Mother

Working From Home As A Mother

With the latest technological advancements, it has become a lot easier for people to get things done using their computers and laptops. The widespread availability of the Internet has also allowed workers to be more productive from their own home. The current Coronavirus pandemic has in fact forced more people to work from home than ever before.

The work from home scenario can be ideal for mothers who want to earn an income while staying at home. It allows mothers to remain close to their children and families while financially supporting the household and building a career.  

Here are some practical ways to make work from home work best.

Manage Your Schedule Well

Keep in mind that just because you are now working in the comfort of your own home, this  does not mean that you can do whatever you want anytime. Remind yourself that there is still a need to manage your schedule well. In fact, this is crucial. Rank your tasks for the day by importance. Make a to do list. Make a checklist plan for the week. Try and focus on work hours and set aside other hours for home duties after your work day is mostly finished. Minimize distractions.

Train Your Child To Respect Your Time

One of the natural challenges of  working from home is dealing with distractions from your child. Initially, your child may not understand the difference between work time and play time, so you may need to have conversations to help them learn how to adapt and behave. Explain to them what you are working on and why it is important to you. Try and distinguish between “Mommy work time” and  “Mommy play time.” Separate yourself from distractions by creating a private office space in a spare room or quiet corner. This may make it easier for your child as well, to know you are nearby but focusing on work time. Make sure your child is safe, well occupied and entertained while you are busy. When you are finished, make an effort to concentrate on family time and make it special. 

Learn About Collaborative Tools

Take note that working from home often requires more effort when updating or connecting with your team. Since all of your work is in a virtual environment, you have to schedule time to work with our colleagues. You’ll need to use collaborative tools or sites online. Research and educate yourself on sites like Zoom, Facetime, etc for virtual meetings. Set a weekly meet-up schedule possible.

Although working from home as a mother can sometimes be a physical and emotional challenge, if you can carve out your own time and private space, this  kind of productivity can be rewarding financially and mentally. Be positive.  Happiness and success can be homemade.