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Age of Empowerment

Recent events have led the world into an era of swift transition. New ideas and technology have been rapidly changing society well before the pandemic had us to readjust our lives. In the past decades, recent technology has transformed society from an industrial to technical and Information culture. Many of the jobs and technology that were once standard are now obsolete. Millions lost jobs and livelihood and forced society to shift from a way of life which was the norm for over a century. This forced society to adapt and be enlightened by the changes that had taken place. The New age rapidly changed society just as “the age of enlightenment” changed society during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The age of Enlightenment was a time of learning to discover facts for our own selves rather than rely on superstition. Much like the age of enlightenment revealed that outdated beliefs should not have control over society, the age of empowerment revealed how we can control our livelihood and how we have the power to change ourselves. Recent times has revealed the need for people to discover how they can use their passion and new technology to empower them to create a livelihood for themselves.

I am thankful for the AngeLink network for helping to empower women and especially women of color. This community of women has taught many how to not only help themselves but to help others as well. Many people of color were not aware of or had these opportunities available to them until now. As a millennial, I am glad to be a part of the first generation of women to believe that making a living does not have to mean spending over 70% of our lives hurrying to get to the other 30%. This is the very first passion driven society. We discovered that our passion not only has the power to drive our boss or employers, it has the capacity to empower us to create our own futures.

Losing employment and pursuing freelance opportunities, investment opportunities, or other self- employment opportunities can feel less secure, but it also empowers us. It forces us to create our own security through an even better and stronger network. We become creative beyond our own understanding. Our passion becomes the tool that we use to take control of our lives. Just as we were enlightened centuries ago, we now also empowered through that same enlightenment. These ideas helped to create the more innovative and accommodating society that we enjoy even today. I am proud to be in the generation that helped to usher in “the age of empowerment."


-Anntrees Sellers, AngeLink Social Ambassador