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Activism- Why it Matters

Activism in the year 2020 has transformed within humanity. It has taken new forms of “filters” where the raw calluses of nations, press toward grandeur calls for action. Fear of toxicity enveloping air particles or surfaces; YET the words “I can’t breathe” have no equivalence… Experiencing all stages of development on certain circumstances. Humans have consciences, and agency. We’ve evolved continuously as society shifts. The ultimate question: “Has life truly changed?”.  Once the Covid-19 pandemic ceases, will we fight this virus also? Twenty seconds to kill them. “Better safe than sorry” is the phrase, right? Germs that bleed the same red, as you and I. Different skins and faces, where only the eyes are to be present. Voices muffled and poisoned agony from the unheard. A movement that extends “trending” or exploitation. A stance of resonating respect without stains. Perhaps, the reminiscent touch of loved ones through lights and glass will pierce the harden hearts… 

Activism goes beyond stories and likes. Fueled by sacrifices, outreach collaboration programs and organizations to promote a world we aspire. It’s power to implore awareness. Requesting only equality, freedom and peace for the afflicted.


-Ashley Badaraco, AngeLink Social Ambassador