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10 Things to do with your Girlfriends

Creating everlasting friendships with other people can be one of the most fulfilling things in your life that sparks genuine happiness. Your female friends can be one of the strongest support systems in your life. During these formative years, it is so important to have your circle of girls around you. They are there when you need to laugh, cry or even just want to binge watch Netflix for 5 hours. We want to inspire the women around us to be the best versions of themselves. Keep reading to check out our list of amazing activities to keep you and your girls busy all weekend!

      1. Bonfire

         At the top of the list and an all-time favorite thing to do with girlfriends is to host an informal bonfire in the backyard. Snack on popcorn and s’mores, drink fruity cocktails, and turn up the tunes. There’s nothing better than the warm glow of an outdoor bonfire to chill out and unwind with your best girlfriends.

  1. Game Night

         A night of card and board games can be another fun way to spend time with the girls. Some of our favorite games to play are Texas hold ‘em poker, Sorry, and Twister. And, good music is a must.

  1. Go Hiking

         When the weather is nice enough, going hiking along a local trail or park allows you to catch up with your friends and get in touch with nature. Fresh air and exercise is not only good for the serotonin levels but also for the soul.

  1. Cook a nice dinner

         If you like to cook, there’s nothing more satisfying than cooking a tasty meal with your friends. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner by making homemade pasta or trying something new. 

  1. Paint

         You don’t have to be an amazing artist in order to enjoy a painting project. Find some inspiration on Instagram with your friends and collaborate on an abstract painting. Collect some objects around the house that could be “repurposed” with a fresh new coat of decorative paint. Let the creative juices flow and you’ll be surprised at how creative you all can be. 

  1. Play tennis or golf

         Tennis and golf are both good ways to get some outdoor exercise with your friends. Even if you’re not a great athlete, it’s fun to learn something new and not take it too seriously. 

  1. Picnic

         Pick up an assortment of cheese, fruit, and bread from the grocery store, grab a blanket, and head to a scenic park. Leisurely snack on some finger foods while you take in the view and relax with your friends. You can even dress up a bit and take some Instagram-worthy pictures to share with your besties.

  1. Photoshoot

         When’s the last time you changed your profile picture? Sounds like you and your girlfriends are in desperate need of photoshoot! Make a day of it. Do your makeup and snap a few photos at scenic spots around town to update and refresh your online image!

  1. Get your nails done

         Another great way to pamper yourself is to get a manicure with your girlfriends. Chat away while your nails are cleaned and polished. You’ll find yourself feeling more refreshed, relaxed and confident all week.  

  1. Outdoor Movie Night

         Another of our favorite activities with friends is to enjoy a casual movie night. Movies are a great way to spend time with people you care about and just enjoy each other’s company. Take it to the next level and project a movie on an outdoor wall for an added layer of fun!